The Company

Lespatex d.o.o. Lespatex d.o.o. was established in 1990. We are suppliers of specialist products and technical expertise to the following industries:

  • Building and Construction Industry We supply materials for roofing, structural waterproofing, geosynthetics, concrete plants, acoustics, thermo isolation and special works.
    Waterproofing materials and products, where Lespatex partner firm Grace is the market leader, are supplied and applied to underpasses, basements, bridge decks, podiums and plazas together with a selected range of concrete additives.
    Lespatex have also selected a line of products that is sold through retail outlets to the DYI market. With purpose to introduce and supply new products to the market and technically educate our retailers in the use and application of the materials. In this respect, our own partner firm Tegola Canadese is recognised as the market leader for the supply bitumen shingles.
  • Thermoplastic Processing Industry We are a long-term partner of the plastic processing industry and provide our expertise for development and processing. In association with our partners Lespatex also help to develop new product applications to optimise the moulds and or the extrusion process.

Lespatex have chosen to work with the leading manufacturers in their own field of expertise. Using only selected trademarks that are approved, certified and manufactured from high quality durable materials. To provide the market with the best available products and technical solutions from the project design stage to completion.

Technical Support
At Lespatex we understand the need to address specific problems and provide solutions tailored to individual project needs. Lespatex own in-house technical personnel liase directly with both the design team and building contractor. To insure (a) the right product selection, (b) the correct design detail and (c) the secure installation of the chosen materials, by applying their specialist product knowledge, technical expertise and practical skills acquired over many years.
Lespatex constantly strive to find new and the best solutions for emerging problems in our chosen market. In addition to our own in-house technical personnel, we also liase and consult with our suppliers and if necessary, engage the services of an external specialist consultant for the more complex projects.

Lespatex has the proven logistical and financial capacity to supply major projects on time with the specified products. The Company maintains a large warehouse in Ljubljana where all standard products are kept on stock. In addition, Lespatex keeps any specialist products to be immediately supplied on current running projects.
On major projects Lespatex avoid stock shortfalls by the projection and early confirmation of future product demand. This includes monitoring the supply chain and working in close cooperation with the end user, the customer and our suppliers.

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